Professional & Executive Search

The ability to make insightful decisions about people is today's most enduring source of competitive advantage. BigWigs Talent Solutions has helped many successful organisations identify and build their leadership teams. We not only identify but also hope to make an impact on the organization by providing a great leader. On the surface, our executive search process resembles others.

However, new clients usually discover the experience of engaging with us to be highly valuable with meaningful personal relationships having a client focused approach.

The Approach:

Our Steps for Recruiting Success:

We at BigWigs believe that Talent Strategy decisions are as critical to the business as Financial, Marketing or Operations Strategy. We believe that critical talent decisions like Leadership Hiring should not be limited to judgement, hence combining our firms’ expertise as leadership advisors and leadership assessors we use Behavioural Event Interviewing with tools like Thomas Assessment, Hogan Assessment to evaluate & develop the right fit for your organisation.

Executive Assessment

Executive Development

You have potential to be a great leader, but you need to unlock the potential?

We have strategic partnership with Hogan Assessment, combining our firms’ expertise as leadership advisors and leadership development experts with our strong beliefs that great leaders can drive their organizations to extraordinary impact and outcomes.

Enabling executives to truly transform into high impact leaders is our purpose and goal.